People who reserve seats in the library are the scourge of humanity

What are you doing?

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It’s mid-term essay time, and everyone is rushing to get theirs written as deadlines get closer and closer. 

If you’ve left yours until the day before, you’re going to do the rational thing and head to the library. When you get there, however, you’re confronted with a dilemma: there are desks without anyone sat on them – so can you?

Nice coat, but why is it there?

No, you can’t. Why? Because some selfish arsehole has chosen to leave their bags there.

These are the people who reserve seats, often for a few hours, leaving everyone else to search up and down for a chair and eventually give up and go home and put their mid-term on hold. The ones going home shouldn’t be those who are looking for a place – it should be the cretins who’ve left their bag there.

If you are sat reading this, eating your lunch and drinking your pumpkin spiced latte, thinking “Oops, I’ve just left my bags in the library”, then here’s some advice for you. Go back to the chair where you left your bags, pick them up, go to the closest mirror, take a long look at yourself, realise what a douchebag you are and go somewhere else and stop making the rest of our lives a misery.

Care to explain?

Yes, we understand there aren’t enough seats to go around, and when you finally find one it’s extremely satisfying. But you know how difficult it was for yourself to find an available seat – why would you want to put someone else in that situation?

Obviously not everyone who abandons their shit leaves them for a few hours. Some have gone to the loo or to get a book, but you really do have to ask yourself: if you’re going to be away from your seat for more than half an hour, do you really need it? Probably not.

Also, do you really want to leave that beautiful MacBook on show for the opportunist who thinks today might be his lucky day? Or for me to pour my bottle of water on?

Can you not?

Even just to write this it took me about half an hour to find a seat, and then it was one without a desk.

Don’t be “that guy/gal”. If you’re going to leave your seat, do us a favour and take your bags with you.