Space is the most crime ridden club in Leeds

Who’s surprised?

Space nightclub is officially the most crime ridden club in Leeds after racking up 117 total offences between January 2014 and July 2015.

It had almost twice as many offences as second placed Fibre, which had 63 in total.

The most frequent crime was theft from the person, with a shocking 69 incidents. There were 37 incidents labelled ‘other theft’. The nightclub also had six instances of assault with injury.

There was only one count of possession of controlled drugs.

Also making appearances were Tiger Tiger, Revolution Call Lane, the Call Lane Social, and Mint in  3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th place respectively. All had over 20 counts of theft from person, which was the most frequent crime committed at every club and bar on the list.

Even further down the list was Warehouse in ninth place with a total of 39 total offences.

Renowned LGBT bar, the New Penny was bottom of the table of 10, having the most crimes filed under “other offences against the State or public order” with two counts.

English Literature and Classical literature second year Romy Greenstein wasn’t at all surprised at the revelation that Space is the most dangerous nightclub in Leeds. She said: “Its a shit club so what would you expect? It’s full of townies and needs to be shut down”.

In a similar vein, Politics finalist Emma Healey said: “I met my best friend dancing on the tables in Space during Freshers’, but even that would not make me ever want to return”.

After repeated attempts to get in touch, Space were not available for comment.