LSR apologise for controversial Twitter poll

It asked if girls ‘should dress slutty for Halloween’

Leeds Student Radio have apologised after posting a poll asking “should girls dress slutty for Halloween”on their Twitter page.

The poll was posted during the Saturday Morning Breakfast show on LSR.

A member of Leeds FemSoc quickly discovered the blunder and posted it on Facebook.

Shortly afterwards, LSR posted on Twitter to apologise.

The hosts’ of the show also apologised unreservedly on Facebook.

Helena Webb, the LSR Station manager posted a statement on behalf of LSR regarding the incident on the same thread.

Media and Communications second year Gladys Danielle See who hosts a show on LSR said: “I think that Saturday breakfast weren’t in their right mind when they posted that poll on Twitter.

“I’m sure that they had no bad intentions but at the same time it’s does seem a touch insensitive.”

Women’s Liberation Coordinator Emma Healey said: “It’s just part of wider trend of monitoring women’s clothes and behaviour.

“Shaming women for their own choices – whether deliberate or not – is wrong, but it’s good that they’ve apologised.”

Second year Linguist Natalie Cherry said: “While I know that what the presenters did wasn’t done in an effort to offend people, I think it clearly highlights the underlying issue, which is that the label ‘slutty’ is constantly given to women and never to men, especially around Halloween.”