Leeds is the third most burgled city in the UK

Probably all on Chestnut Avenue

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Leeds is the UK’s third most burgled city, new research has found.

In the findings, from home security firm Canary, we are beaten only by Newcastle and Brighton.

Manchester comes in at fourth, with London further down the top 10 at seventh.


The research also indicated that only 78 per cent of burglaries are reported to the police.

This comes just a few months after we revealed that a staggering four out of five burglaries in Leeds go unsolved.

Even if your landlord has kindly fitted your house with a burglar alarm, don’t get your hopes that it will stop a burglary while you’re out dancing the night away at Fruity.

An alarming (see what we did there) 1.9 per cent of neighbours would call the police if they hear an alarm going off, with most preferring to dismiss it as an annoying noise.