West Yorkshire Police jump on Back to the Future day bandwagon

The fun police are in town

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West Yorkshire Police showed their fun side this week with a well-timed Back to the Future joke.

The Bradford West force posted the status at on Wednseday saying: “At 0728hrs this morning a silver vehicle was seen being driven at speed before disappearing in a flash.

“A wild haired man and a 17 year old youth were heard discussing a ‘flux capacitor’ prior to getting in the vehicle.”

There's no hoverboard team lol

There’s no hoverboard team lol

The force then stated they had sent their “hoverboard team” to investigate.

The post proved popular and saw WYP – Bradford West’s Facebook page increase by more than 450 likes in one day.


A spokesperson for the force described the post as “a bit of banter” and “lighthearted fun to raise a smile.”