How embarrassing was your first email address?

It’s all about the underscores

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Everyone felt the buzz of excitement when you got your first email. It was a huge step on the path to adulthood. Unfortunately, what we thought was a great way of showing our personality now can’t be remembered without a facial expression that looks like you’ve just sucked on a lemon.

We wanted to see if anyone’s were more awful than ours, so and set out to find the most cringeworthy addresses on campus.

Glen, Cinema and Photography, 4th year

This guy not only had one embarrassing email, but two: “” and “”

“Everyone loved The Prodigy.” Yeah, we liked them, but not that much

Amy, Psychology, 4th year



Yeah mate.

Benji, Spanish and Portuguese, 4th year


Anna, English and History of Art, 3rd year


Hannah, Spanish and English, 4th year


“All the boys in year six used to call me Hannah spanner.”

Chloe, 2nd year

We can’t decide what’s more depressing – misschatterbox or ntlworld.

Emily, Broadcast Journalism, 3rd year


Katie, Chemistry, 2nd Year



Ellie, Sociology, second year