Amber Cars accidentally charge Medic £180

That’s the same fare 25 times

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Amber Cars have been forced to refund a fourth year who they charged £180 for one taxi journey.

Michael Grant was surprised when he received a voicemail from Amber Cars saying they were going to refund him after he used one of their cabs on a night out.

He then checked his online bank statement to discover he’d been charged £6.95 25 times by the Leeds-based taxi company.

Michael told The Tab: “I was expecting 15 quid maximum.

“So you can imagine how I felt when I saw the 25 transactions – totalling almost £200.”

Talking later to Michael on the phone, Amber Cars said they would give him the journey for free and have a word with the driver.

Michael added: “It worked out grand in the end but if I had been up against my limit, I would have been getting charged by my bank.

“Trying to take a payment for one fare 25 times seems a bit excessive.”

Amber Cars assured us it was a problem with their bank and not the company itself. They said: “The issue was not with Amber Cars but the bank.

“Once the bank was made aware they had taken too much it was refunded.”

They also forwarded us a statement from “the bank”, which said: “Amber cars was at no fault in this incident, payments is inherently an intricate process, but necessary and vigorous safeguards are in place to ensure consumers fund are well protected.

“We wish the student the best, and hope he has the intention to join a growing payment technology company after his academic pursuit.”