Heartbroken finalist searching for stolen bucket hat

Mia lost her “good time hat” at Canal Mills last Friday

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A hapless third year is appealing to the people of Leeds to reunite her with her missing bucket hat. 

Managing Performance finalist Mia Goodley lost her favourite hat at Good Life last Friday.

The distressed reveller then posted on the event page the next day in the hope someone would come to her aid – but to no avail.

Please help bring back this hat and this smile

The finalist is at a complete loss as to where her hat could have ended up.

Recounting the painful experience, Mia said: “I lost the hat in Canal Mills, I’m not sure what time but all I know is I have a photo of someone random wearing it.”

It is not known if this man is the perpetrator or had anything to do with the disappearance, but Mia is hopeful that sharing this picture could lead to the return of her most prized possession.

Mia woke up with this picture on her phone – and the hat was gone

She says: “It didn’t really ruin my night but it became the focus of it, I spent the rest of the night trying to find it.”

In an attempt to try and gain information from her fellow clubbers as to the location of her hat, Mia told them a false heart-felt story saying was her dad’s from the 90s.

Although Mia had only had the hat for about a month and not the decades she claimed, she had formed a deep connection with it.

She told us: “It’s my good time hat. Whenever I wear it, I have a really good time.”

Happier times

In fact she’s been miserable ever since.

If you have any information in regards to the whereabouts of Mia’s hat there is a promised reward of “a home-cooked meal of steak, chips and peas” for the person who secures its return.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Mia’s hat, email us at [email protected]