Police on standby ahead of Hyde Park ‘cannabis picnic’

It’s like 4/20 come early

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Police have issued a stern warning against anyone planning to attend tomorrow’s “cannabis picnic” in Hyde Park.

Weed advocates on Facebook have planned to meet tomorrow to swap spliffs and stories in Leeds’ own stoner paradise.

However the police haven’t taken lightly to the idea, warning they will “respond appropriately” to anyone caught with the Class B.


The Facebook event description reads: “Hopefully the first of many events but we would like to invite you to our summer social picnic.

“More details to follow once things get rolling but get it in your diarys guys and come down and say hey or share your stories.

“If you know anyone who is sceptical of Cannabis and its uses bring them along too as they are the kind of people we want to meet to prove how powerful the plant that we love is.”

An LCSC spokesman told The Tab: “The UK Cannabis Social Clubs have been holding protest gatherings for the last three years and have continued this summer campaign into 2015.

“The protests are peaceful picnics in an act of civil disobedience and have been held up and down the country over the last 9 weeks.

“We think that the time police are made to spend dealing with cannabis consumers is a waste of their valuable time and money and a waste of the tax payers money.

“Cannabis consumers would all very much like to have a social space to use so that we can consume cannabis, responsibly, in a well ventilated venue where it will not offend any member of the public, not be seen to influence others or the youth to consume and not warrant anyone calling the police because someone has decided to chill out with some aromatic herbs.”

However Inspector Howie Milner, of the inner north-west neighbourhood policing team, said: “We are aware of the proposed event and will respond appropriately to any offences that occur.”

After the police issued their warning, the Leeds Cannabis Social Club posted on their Facebook page saying the event will still go ahead.

They said: ” All I can say is we need to be on our best behaviour tomorrow guys!

“No dealing, no alcohol (can always go for a drink after) and no smoking near children!

“Generally please don’t be a dick and the police won’t have any trouble to deal with!”