Leeds FemSoc fuming as science magazine moved to Morrisons’ men’s section

New Scientist is ‘generally a mens general interest magazine’ apparently


Leeds FemSoc are furious with Morrisons for only putting a science magazine in the men’s section and away from female readers.

The union society are outraged after one of their members spotted New Scientist had been moved at the store on Woodhouse Lane in Leeds, suggesting girls are not meant to be scientists.

And responding to the claims, Morrisons said New Scientist is “generally a men’s general interest magazine”.

The picture was posted on the LUU FemSoc Facebook page and been condemned by many members who say that it will discourage women from taking an interest in science.

Leeds Biology grad Sophie Anam who first posted the picture said: “Science is so incredibly fascinating and exciting – how anybody can argue that any of these things are ‘a mens general interest’ is beyond me!”

She adds, “Its upsetting that even today in the 21st century I can walk into a supermarket and find that these ridiculous outdated gender stereotypes still exist.”

Sophie proceeded to contact Morrisons about the issue, complaining that it was “an awful message you are giving to young girls”.

Sophie Anam spotted the magazine placement in Morrison’s

Morrisons replied: “Hi Sophie, after contacting our buyer on this the reason that this magazine has been placed under this section is that it is a generally a mens general interest magazine.

“By no means are we implying that can only be purchased by men and we appreciate that men will also find magazines they regularly purchase under the other sections, specifically those directed at women.”

The supermarket added “We receive a number of comments on magazine placement (from both male and female customers) and try to accomodate these.

“I’ve logged your comments with the buyer which will be raised when this is reviewed. We appreciate your position and wish to apologise for any offence caused by this.”

Disgruntled members of FemSoc also contacted leading science magazine the New Scientist on Twitter who also denounced the findings.

Layla Gerami, a chemistry second year, tweeted her complaint to Morrison’s which has now gained over 50 retweets and over 100 favorites at the time of publishing.

She said: “I just think it sends out a bad message because it’s important to show children that their gender doesn’t decide what they can and can’t be interested in.”