Beloved Edward Boyle parody account ejected from FemSoc

Leeds University’s dormant prince is no longer welcome

The Edward Boyle library’s beloved parody account has been ejected from the FemSoc Facebook page following an online spat.

Boyle was thrown out after an argument about the amount of male members on the LUU Feminist Society’s Facebook page.

Boyle, who studies library science and is currently under refurbishment, issued a Facebook status regarding the matter:

Leeds University’s dormant prince was obviously dismayed. He told The Tab: “I’ve been a member forever, and only started getting involved now that I’m closed and bored.

“My input was only ever in defence of people who were expressing valid points but being screamed down.”

An admin on the group said: “Deleting the Edward Boyle parody account from here because it’s not a real account so posting potentially inflammatory things from it is not inkeeping with the society [in my honest opinion].”