Grieving lawyer told she can’t graduate unless she raises £4K

She’s following her late father’s dream of studying law

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A devastated finalist has been ordered to find £4,000 by the end of July so she can carry on her degree.

Tragically, Chichi Analogbei faces having her dreams crushed after her father – who was paying her £10,500-a-year fees – died from breast cancer.

She travelled to Leeds to follow her father’s dream of studying Law, but decided to put her studies on hold and travel home to Nigeria when she found out her dad was ill.

It was only after she arrived home she found out her father had already passed away.

Now the lawyer has been left without funding for her degree, and might not be able to graduate.

In total, Chichi needs to raise £10,500 by the end of July to continue her studies in Leeds.

Impressively, the aspiring lawyer has managed to get £6,500 through her GoFundMe page set up only a few weeks ago – but she still needs another £4,000 to reach the right amount.

She told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “I am so incredibly grateful for the donations I have received to date and it would mean the world to me if I could meet my goal.”

As well as raising the money to study, the 21-year-old has her sights on other causes.

She wants to raise awareness of breast cancer in men, urging them to realise it isn’t just a disease which affects women and to check themselves regularly.

This truly is crunch time for Chichi, but the dream of her late father stays with her.

She said: “My dad’s only wish was to see me become a Law graduate and in the midst of everything going on, this is what pushes me.”

Help Chichi fulfil her and her father’s dreams by donating to her GoFundMe page.