Vote for the best Otley Run costume of the year

One of the themes was ‘Naked’


We all love an Otley Run: the pints, the pubs, the inevitable tactical chunder on that bleak stretch between the Hyde Park and The Library.

But the real reason to love it is the excuse to dress up. It’s the real reason we’re all so keen to fork out £100 on a dignity-destroying pre-drinks-cum-power-walk.

With no better excuse in the land for thirty freshers to painstakingly fashion costumes that will be in tatters by the third pub, we thought we’d run a competition to find the best group costume of the year.

We asked, and you answered – here’s the rundown of the candidates for Best Otley Run Style 2015.

The Christmas one

If someone ever told you that they were going out as the truck from the Christmas Coca Cola adverts, you’d probably give them a bemused look and back away slowly.

But this one pulled through in spectacular fashion – although how long they actually managed to stay together is up for debate.

The football one

The theme was retro footballers, and we can’t help but award these guys for their commitment to a niche.

The animal one

No expenses were spared in this Noah’s Ark-themed effort, although we couldn’t for the life of us guess what some of them are meant to be.

Props to the crocodile on the left, who we sort of want to be our best friend.

The less good animal one

Sorry guys. I mean, the costumes themselves are probably better – but for sheer volume, they beat you.

The slightly disturbing one

A tip for our male readers: if the theme is animation, please take note from the guys on the left and not the guys on the right.

Especially if you’ve got thighs like that.

The naked one

The theme was apparently ‘naked’, so technically every single person didn’t dress accordingly (unless there’s some brave people at the back we can’t see).

That said, it’s still an admirable effort. Although we’re sure the people in the traffic jam caused by this picture didn’t think so.

The confusing one

Your guess is as good as ours.

The honourable mention

It’s not a group costume, but the sheer uniqueness of a guy going to a cheese-themed Otley Run as ‘Cheesus’ deserved a place in this list.

Shoutout to Brie in the background, who looks like he’s really going to enjoy that rollie.