We found the most popular Yakkers in Leeds

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We all know YikYak has recently been on the rise, particularly throughout the dreaded exam and deadline season.

The Leeds Yak feed has been filled with live updates all the way from level flirteen in Eddy B (RIP), to people gulfing down their not so cheeky Nandos’ in the city centre.

The anonymity is what makes it so popular. Getting at least 100 up-votes can make one fill up with a sense of pride and joy. If you’re witty enough to make the hot list, you basically acquire BNOC status, without necessarily even being known on campus.

So have you ever wondered who might have been behind that yak that once made you have a little chuckle? We went on a hunt for the famous faces behind the most up-voted Yaks and asked them what they were all about. Did you up-vote any of these?

Adam, 1st year, History and French

”YikYaks are meant to be anonymous so I’m a bit embarrassed about all this.”

Aron, 2nd year, Politics and Parliamentary Studies

”I think I would be funnier in real life if I had countless hours to perfect the precise wording of what I want to say, like I do on Yik Yak. Even this quote has undergone a thorough process of revision and redrafting.”

Chantelle, 1st year, (Beckett)

”When I tell people I go to Beckett they always seem to laugh, so I guess I’m pretty funny.”

Rhiannon, 1st year, History

”In real life people normally laugh at me, than with me.”

Mary, 1st year, English and Theatre Studies

”Azeems music touched me in ways I didn’t think were possible.”

Eloise, 1st year, French

”My sixth form work ethic never returned unfortunately.”

Lauren, 1st year, English and Social Policy

“I’m yet to reach 150 likes on my profile picture.”

Katie, 1st year, Management 

”I haven’t seen any live actions photos since the yak. Maybe people saw my post and have stopped uploading them!”

Georgia, 1st year, Sport Science

”Honestly I think it’s very commendable and I guess to an extent when you’re doing such an incredible thing you have a right to talk about it all the time, but really, fuck morals when it comes to yakarma points.”

Kyle, 1st year, Spanish and French

”My ex started seeing someone who I used to be really good friends with. It was weird because we kind of helped each other come out in high school and stuff. Since coming to uni we’ve grown apart and I think he’s changed so I thought it would be funny to yak about to show I’m over it. Like putting a funny spin on it makes me feel better. I know how much people yak about bakery 164 so I did that.”