Chivalrous strangers step in after fresher is stood up on first date

‘Kind of like Tinder, but on a Freshers page’

We all know the fear of being stood up on a first date, but after it happened to one Leeds fresher she was determined not to let it ruin her night.

Psychology first-year Charli Bordell was shot down in her quest for love after she was stood up by a possible suitor, but took matters into her own hands, turning to a Leeds Freshers Facebook group instead.

Unlucky Charli

Charli said: “I was meant to go on a date with a guy who was really keen to see me, but 15 minutes before I was supposed to meet him he cancelled.

“I was annoyed because I’d made an effort to look nice and was in the mood to go out, and now I’d been dropped.”

Left feeling dejected, Charli had to resort to extreme measures: “In the hope of finding another date I posted in my accommodation group asking if anyone wanted to go for drinks, but people naturally thought it was a joke.

“So my friend Layah posted on the Leeds Freshers page and we got a bunch of responses.”

Layah was inundated with responses from helpful young men keen to take Charli out, saying that it was “kind of like Tinder, but on the Freshers’ Page”.

The group post

However, it was all a bit much for lovelorn Charli: “Looks were all we had to go on and there weren’t many lookers.”

One potential suitor did take Charli’s fancy though, and it looked as if everything was going to be alright in the end.

“I got one offer from a guy who looked hot, so I decided to meet him for a drink.

“But before I left, I found out that he’s actually seeing my future housemate. So to try and make the situation less awkward, I just invited her along and the three of us ended up going out for a drink.”

It wasn’t this guy

Charli was unfortunately unlucky in love this time, but it hasn’t made her any less hopeful that love may be just around the corner.

“The worst thing is, I was originally convinced by friends to go on the date to get over my fear of first dates.

“So if The Tab can find me someone to help me get over my first date fear then that would be fab.”

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