BNOC 2015: The Winner

Guess who it is

An amazing turn out saw over 1,300 of you vote for 2015’s Big Name on Campus.

The winner, with an incredible 513 of those votes, and lending his name to the history books was…


Politics second-year, master interviewer, wearer of excellent ties, Art comfortably wrapped up the most prestigious prize anybody at Leeds Uni could hope to receive.


Art led a dignified campaign, not making too much out of the fact he was nominated, but he was ecstatic to take the award.

He said: “Shock horror – middle class white man wins award.

“Thanks to The Tab for giving me a platform to put up Boozenight. Hopefully this award will put me on the road to my life goal of winning a BAFTA lifetime achievement award by my 30th birthday.

“Also, the vote for the North London geek came a few days too late.”


Just in case you’ve missed Boozenight this year, here is Art in action.