Jail sentence for thug who attacked women with champagne bottle on Call Lane

It left one victim needing plastic surgery

Two women, including a Leeds University student, suffered nasty facial injuries after a bottle was thrown at their faces on Call Lane.

After being ejected from Norman Bar for fighting  in the early hours of November 9th, Aaron Costello then threw a bottle at the doors of the bar where the two women were waiting to gain entry.

One victim will have to undergo plastic surgery as a result.

The court hear that the two innocent women had nothing to do with Costello’s earlier fighting incident.

One victim suffered bruising and swelling to their face, damaged teeth, a broken nose, and has been left with a facial scar.

The other victim, a student at Leeds University, suffered a three-inch cut above her eye requiring stitches.

Costello, who has previously been convicted for drug offences, pleaded guilty to two offences of assault occasioning actual body harm, and will be sentenced to 14 months in prison, suspended for 2 years, and has been ordered to pay the victims a total of £6,000.

The defence said Costello was full of remorse for what he did and pleaded guilty to the offences early on.

He was told: “On this night your behaviour was absolutely disgusting. I accept you did not intend to hit anybody with the bottle but it’s hard to think of a more reckless and stupid thing to do.”