Clubbers of the Week: Bumper revision edition

Shake it off

More stunners, more people attempting to eat their mates and a handful of oompa loompas. Here are this week’s clubbing heroes:

Stunners of the week

P.I.M.P of the week

Heroine of the week

WTF of the week


Gang$tas of the week


Pout of the week

QT of the week

Tantastic clubber of the week


Somebody’s been smashing the sun beds for summer.

Photobomb of the week


Hungriest clubber of the week

Just a casual lick of the old bosom.

Top knot of the week

Best of the rest


Photos: ItsJustJoeB Photography (Antics), Elliott Young (Sticky Feet), R Yates Photography (Revolution), Mischief and Full Moon pictures from the Running Wild Facebook page, Fruity pictures from the Fruity Facebook page, Mint Mondays and Little Miss and Chaos Fridays pictures from the No Curfew Facebook page. Thanks.