Leeds’ best bums 2015: The boys

Nice tush

So here we are, another year and another round of bums. It’s that time of year again where we decide who has the best anonymous tush in Leeds. 

All names and courses have been fabricated to protect any potential future job prospects (if any) and dignities of the entrants. Scroll down to the bottom and get behind your fave.

Newton, 2nd year Voyeurism Studies

Our first entry is smooth, very smooth. 

Vladimir, 4th year Aviation

Contestant #6

This entry (left) has excellent symmetry, overall sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, a relatively well defined gluteal fold, an inward taper from the illiac crest inferiorly before more lateral growth towards the gluteus maximus insertion region at the lateral condyle of the tibia/gluteal tuberosity of the femur. Unlike all previous entries, there also seems to be evident gluteus medius/minimus development. 

Randy, 2nd year History of Gents Urinal Usage

Contestant number three appears to doing a wee-wee. Ignoring this though, the asymmetrical adipose tissue deposition superior to the illiac crests and tilted intergluteal cleft make this a very unaesthetic entry. There is an absence of the gluteal fold and severely undefined erector spinae muscles. 

Ivan, 3rd year Dancehall Studies

Contestant number one seems to have attained what looks to be a natural parabolic curve from the medial to lateral and superior to inferior borders of the gluteus maximus and medius.

It seems to be from birth due to the seeming lack of phenotypic sarcoplasmic hypertrophy of the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, internal obliques and serratus anterior in combination.

Nonetheless, from what is visible, you sir, are one gluteally gifted man.

Due to the boxers and split stance though, it’s difficult to determine the symmetry and development of the semitendinosus muscle and the long head of the biceps femoris.

Bruno, 1st year Food Hygiene Studies

This contestant has some grapes shoved up his arse.

Theodore, 3rd year Horticulture

Forest Bum-p

Regardless of the rainforest growing out of the intergluteal cleft, it is difficult to determine the entrant’s presentation during flexion.

However, the presence of an immediately inwardly tapering iliotibial tract inferior to the greater trochanter suggest an overall flat lower body.

Don’t forget, there’s still time to enter the female competition. Just send your entry in as high a resolution as possible to [email protected].