BNOC 2015: Group Two

The most important vote you’ll cast this week


As the battle for the most coveted crown in Leeds rages on, we give you the second group of titanic contenders to the throne.

Who comes out on top? You decide.

Bradley Escorcio

Bradley Escorcio has been the most recognisable man on campus for some time now – and it’s not just because of the ‘fro. As head of Union Affairs, Bradley has been front-and-centre in making the Union tick – and only became more notorious earlier this year after the well-publicised Gryphon/Exec scandal shook Leeds Uni to its core. When Bradley leaves at the end of the year, Leeds will truly have lost one of its brightest lights.

Jasmine Andersson

In the ancient kingdom of Leeds University, one woman rode in astride her Gryphon on a quest to bring down the powers that be. Yes, Gryphon editor Jasmine truly is a titan of student media – and her one-woman battle for a fairer voting system in the Exec elections garnered widespread interest and a landslide referendum victory. Jasmine Andersson: Khaleesi of the Great Broadsheet, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Journos. Is BNOC 2015 about to be added to that ever-growing list of titles?

Ryan Bell

People’s champion Ryan is set to end with his running for Equality & Diversity Officer next year. To quote the person who nominated him (and provided the sultry picture): “Similar to Katniss Everdeen, Ryan is our Mockingjay”.

Piers Cottee

Whether it’s from his “No Fears Vote Piers” canvas campaign, his impressive Miley Cyrus-aping election video or his hours dancing outside of the Union to bolster support, one thing’s for sure: you know Piers Cottee. Described in his nomination as “Cricket Pres & Activites Officer-elect”, Piers counts the Wealdstone Raider amongst his personal fanbase: if that doesn’t make BNOC material, we don’t know what does.