Best Bum 2015: We’re looking for Leeds’ tightest tush

Vote on a completely different set of arses this May

There’s no question that Leeds has some of the most spectacular backsides in the country.

Now’s your chance to prove that you’ve got the best ‘belfie’ in West Yorkshire.

If you think you’ve got a bottom to rival the Kardashians, David Beckham or the peach emoji, send us a picture and we’ll get people voting.


Can you top this?

All submissions are published anonymously so potential employers etc. won’t find out (although it would look great on your CV).

Described as “the best gift since birth” this prestigious title will make you smile from cheek to cheek.

Is your bum peach perfect?

Is your bum peach perfect?

Don’t let all those squats go to waste.

Boys and Girls, send your rear ends to [email protected] and let the voting commence.