Clubbers of the week

Get loose

May has officially arrived which means one thing… exams are around the corner.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped the clubbers of Leeds. Here are some of this week’s heroes.

Stunners of the week

Creeper of the week


Lad of the week

Down it freshaaa

Photobomb of the week

Shout out to this girl for making my day


There’s still more…

Waviest garms of the week


Potentially the shittest shirts in Fruity. That really is an achievement boys.

Squad of the week


Ass of the week

Wankers of the week

Cuties of the week

Unhappiest clubber of the week

You wan sum? I’ll give it ya


Second from the right, what’s your beef?

He’s not having it is he?

Best of the rest

A drink in each hand because we’re mentaaal

Photos: ItsJustJoeB Photography (Antics, Quids In), Elliott Young Photography (Sticky Feet), Wiz Photography (Space Tuesdays), Jordan Bickerstaffe (Mixtape Project), Mischief pictures from the Running Wild Facebook page, Mint Mondays and Little Miss pictures from the No Curfew Facebook page, Fruity pictures from the Fruity Facebook page. Thanks.