These are the people who want you to vote for them on May 7th

Forget Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, this is the only fight worth watching

With the general election just around the corner, the battle in your university’s constituency is an important one.

We compiled a list of everything you need to know about the candidates running in your constituency – so you don’t have to.

Leeds Central – Hyde Park, Woodhouse, City Centre

Hilary Benn – Labour 

Hilary (apparently it’s a boy’s name too) is the son of the late socialist firebrand and former cabinet minister Tony Benn. Hilary has held the seat for Labour since 1999 and currently sits in the shadow cabinet as Secretary of State of Communities and Local Government.

He voted against the Tories Bedroom Tax and also opposed the rise in tuition fees. Read more about Hilary’s record as MP here

Vote for Hilary if… you like older men with experience.

Michael Hayton – Green

Michael grew up on a farm in Yorkshire. He likes long walks on the farm and environmental protests. Michael wants to scrap University tuition fees altogether and raise the minimum wage to £10.

He also wants to invest heavily in sustainable energy solutions and clamp down on tax avoidance and evasion. Check out what else Michael wants to do on his website.

Vote for Michael if…you think austerity is so 2010.

Nicola Wilson – Conservative

Nicola says she will ensure that your voice is heard and represented fairly in Westminster. She’s a mother of two and has co-founded a steel business in Yorkshire so you know she’ll be tough.

Nicola wants to work towards creating a safer city, improving apprenticeship, vocational and education opportunities for young people. Above all she wants to create a “village community” in Leeds Central. Find out more about Nicola.

Vote for Nicola if… hearing the words “long term economic plan” ignites a fiery passion within your soul.

Emma Spriggs – Liberal Democrats 

Emma wants the UK to embrace Europe and sees immigration as a force for good. The Lib Dems want to invest £8 billion in the NHS which is good because statistically speaking, most of us are going to die at some point.

There isn’t a whole lot of information about Emma’s candidacy, but you can always read the Lib Dem manifesto online

Vote for Emma if… h8rs gonna h8 but you think Nick Clegg is still Bae.

Luke Senior – UKIP

Luke was born locally in Beeston and is a Leeds Beckett graduate. Like the rest of his UKIP colleagues, he’s not overly enamoured with either the EU or immigration. UKIP also want to get rid of sex ed in schools for under 11’s, restore the number of grammar schools and scrap tuition fees for those taking Science and Maths related degrees if they work in that field for 5 years after university. His page might reveal more.

Vote for Luke if… you’re sick of the EU and anyone doing a Humanities degree.

Liz Kitching – TUSC

The TUSC stands for Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. It was formed in 2010 under an anti-austerity and anti-privatisation platform. They oppose government cuts and want to renationalise major industries.

Technically they’re not actually a political party, but they are still fielding candidates in 130 seats up and down the country, so make of that what you will.

Vote for Liz if…you reckon you’re too ‘Leeds’ for all those mainstream parties.

Our prediction for Leeds Central: Labour will hold on to this seat fo-sho.

Leeds North West – Headingley


Greg Mulholland – Liberal Democrats

Greg has held the Leeds North West seat for the Lib Dems since 2005. Before you project your Nick Clegg-induced hatred of the Lib Dems on to this guy, know that Greg actually voted strongly against the tuition fee rise in the last parliament, rebelling against his party.

He also voted against replacing trident with a new nuclear weapons system, and was voted Campaigning Politician of the Year by Channel 4 in 2007. See, they’re not all evil. Find out more about this Lib Dem maverick.

Vote for Greg if… you wan’t to vote Lib Dem and still maintain your self-respect.

Alex Sobel – Labour

Born and bred in Hyde Park, Alex is a graduate of Leeds Uni where he served as LUU Finance Officer. He was elected to the Leeds City Council in 2012. Over the last 20 years Alex has been active in anti-racism campaign and he is strongly opposed to the Bedroom Tax. He has committed himself to helping implement the Living Wage, and to end unpaid internships for young people. Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself.

Vote for Alex if… you think “hell yes he’s tough enough”.

Alex Story – Conservative

The Conservatives have chosen former Olympic rower Alex Story to run in this constituency. Alex has done a great job of keeping an incredibly low profile in the run up this general election – there is virtually no information about him on the internet.

While anonymity is a good idea for a fugitive running from the law, we’re not entirely sure about it as an electoral strategy. Best of luck Alex!

Vote for Alex if… you want to find out whether he actually exists.

Tim Goodall – Green

Tim has a degree in Ecology and a masters in Counselling from Leeds Uni and is now employed by the university’s faculty of Biological Sciences. He has a long history of working in education as a teacher and believes that children need to be encouraged to think independently rather than being constantly taught to sit exams. He wants to eliminate university tuition fees and protect the NHS from privatisation. Read more about Tim’s views.

Vote for Tim if…you want to tell your kids about that time you were a crazy lefty at uni.

Julian Metcalfe – UKIP

Another UKIP-er, Julian has grown up in Leeds and is the director of a construction company. He describes himself as a “local politician fighting for local culture and values.”

UKIP support a referendum on membership of the EU and want to place a cap on immigration at 50,000 a year, and impose a ban on immigration for unskilled workers.

Vote for Julian if… you think there aren’t enough Liam Gallagher lookalikes in Westminster.

Bob Buxton – Yorkshire First

The newly formed Yorkshire First is a regional party which campaigns for the devolution of power to Yorkshire and the establishment of a Yorkshire parliament. Their candidate, Bob Buxton, is a teacher at Leeds City College, opposes university tuition fees, supports immigration and wants decisions on local issues to be made in Yorkshire. He’s basically the William Wallace of the North. Here’s a list of their core beliefs.

Vote for Bob if…you want to end the British occupation of Yorkshire.

Mark Flanagan – Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond was formed earlier this year as a single-issue party demanding the inclusion of a “none of the above” option on the ballot in all UK elections. They believe that encouraging people to vote for “none of the above” will cause a ‘political earthquake’ in Westminster and stimulate radical change.

If they manage to succeed on this issue, they will resign their seats in parliament. You may say that they’re dreamers, but they’re not the only ones. This way to hear more.

Vote for Mark if…you want “none of the above” to become prime minister.

Mike Davies – Alliance for Green Socialism 

The AGS rejects capitalism because they say it exploits workers, consumers and the environment. They believe in a radical transformation of society based on socialist values and concern for the environment. They reckon Leeds North West is rife for revolution. Check it out

Vote for Mike if… you meant to vote for the Green Party but confused them for this lot on the ballot paper.

Our prediction for Leeds North West: The Lib Dems are favourites for this seat, but Labour aren’t too far behind.