End of term special: Clubbers of the Week

You know the drill

The Easter holidays are here, and to celebrate, the hardcore clubbers of Leeds have been painting the town red.

Photobombs of the week

Sleepiest clubber of the week

Can’t handle it

Cheekiest clubbers of the week

Most frightened clubber of the week

Heroine of the week

Threesome of the week


Wingman of the week

Legs of the week


Pose of the week

Angriest clubber of the week


Best of the rest

Photos: ItsJustJoeB Photography (Antics, Quids In), Shot by Wiz Photography (Space Tuesdays), RYates Photography (Bring on the Night), Full Moon pictures from the Running Wild Facebook page, Little Miss pictures from the No Curfew Facebook page. Thanks.