Anarchy in the Hidden Café

Masked robbers cause havoc on campus

The Hidden Café literati were left understandably perplexed today after a scuffle broke out between logo-laden burglars with swag bags and a group of students in Oxfam T-shirts with massive nets.

The incident took place around lunchtime, and was overlooked by a plethora of confused students trying to eat their goats’ cheese paninis in peace.

After some deliberation, it turned out that the whole thing was a publicity stunt, organised to raise awareness of tax-dodging organisations.

Luckily Oxfam president Sean Counihan was available to shed some light on what it all meant, and to explain what the sheepish-looking girl holding the giant “TAX LOOPHOLE” sign was actually doing there.

Sean said: “It was an average Tuesday lunchtime. Everyone was in the hidden café when all of a sudden some criminals were spotted in the area. Thankfully, Oxfam were on hand to try and apprehend them.

“You may recognise some of these ‘criminals’ as they’re household names around the world: HSBC, Google, Boots, KPMG, Vodafone and more.

“The Oxfam campaigners gave them a good run for their money but sadly it was too easy for them to escape through a tax loophole.

“Luckily there’s a proposed bill that could close tax loopholes and fund more schools and hospitals with the stolen money.”

You can find out more information about the bill here.