We asked people how edgy they were

Probably an 11 out of 10

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Leeds has a  rep for being the most edgy and alternative university in the UK, if not the world. But the amount of different types of edgy emerging on campus is something to be addressed, before it just spirals out of control.

We all have that one Facebook friend who goes to university in Bristol or Edinburgh, who thinks just because they went to one house/tech night, wore a bindi and got a few vintage looking blurry cover photos, they are suddenly cool enough to compete with us.

These gals are wavey dons

As soon as you step on campus, aside from being greeted by pesky reps and the smell of fat from Flames, you are overcome by an array of students who would proudly label themselves as being edgy.

Ever wondered if that mysterious guy with the man-bun thought he was as cool as he came across? What about that girl with the quirky oversized glasses? Is she is as cultured and sophisticated as she seems?

Don’t pretend you’ve not thought about it. We asked you lot how edgy you think you are, on a scale of one to ten.

Robert Wakefield, 18, first year, English Literature

“I’ll just go for a four as I’m quite mediocre.

“I like to go to a good pub. Not a student crowd at all. There’s the oldest pub in Leeds called The Turks Head from 1715. Really nice in there. Good ales.”

This vintage aran knitted jumper wearer really is as indie and intellectually edgy as he seems.

Abi Chenoweth, 19 and Abi Glover, 18, first years, Japanese Studies

Abi C: ”I’m more edgy now I’m with you.”

Abi G: ”Yeh, I’ve edged her out. She wasn’t edgy and now I’ve brought her my edge but I would probably say I’m about a six. The Edge itself was very unedgy today.”

Abi C: ”Quite a lot of old men in there.”

So clearly edginess is contagious. Especially in The Edge. Better watch out next time you’re in there or you could turn into either a protein shake obsessed beefy male, a vegan Victoria’s Secret wearing female or just simply a wrinkly old man.

Adrian, 22, aspiring Leeds student (because we are just so edgy)

”I’ve only been on campus about three or four times but there’s a funky looking dude giving out soup and flapjacks, he’s pretty edgy.

”I’d like to say I’m a 10 but I’ll go with a seven.”

If that electric blue top knot doesn’t say edgy I don’t know what will.

Sarah Blaseby, 19, first year, History and English

”I’d say maybe a seven, I don’t really care how people think about me now.

”The edgiest thing I’ve seen recently was a girl rapping for her election campaign, that was entertaining.”

Did she win though?

Adam, 20, second year, Maths

”There was a guy who rode a unicycle to uni.

”I’m a six. My music and clothes taste definitely developed since being in Leeds.”

The Puma sweatshirt and New Balance trainers might even suggest he is of a unique breed; mainstream. Such scenes on campus is extraordinary. To be fair, considering it is in fact so rare in Leeds, he is probably the edgiest of us all.

Joely, 22, fourth year, English Literature

”Well I like sheep skinned coats and trainers so I must be a six or a seven.

”I did a year abroad in Berlin and the people there are edgy but without trying. Just naturally edgy.

”People actually used to wear heels and dresses to go clubbing.”

God forbid – a Leeds without the Topshop bralette and high waisted jeans.

Romy Greenstein, 19, first year, Classical Literature and English

”I would say I’m infinity out of 10. So edgy that I’m not edgy at all. It’s just pretty hard considering I didn’t go on a gap yah.

”The edgiest thing I have seen was a pre drinks at James Baille when literally everyone was wearing a bucket hat.”

I can picture it now. A pre drinks prior to a night in Beaverworks or Canal Mills. A sea of Miley hair and bucket hat, getting pumped for a night of DJ sets they have never heard of. And obviously the three Bs: bombs, bindis and body chains.

Felix, 22, fourth year, English and Philosophy

”I’d say I’m a five.

”People here are much friendlier than they are in Germany. It’s not that difficult though because Germans are pretty rude.

”Emo style is still very prominent here, I didn’t expect that.”

Clearly Leeds is just so edgy that it is worth travelling half way across the world for.