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We know how much you care

20:00 Okay, that’s us done. I’ll leave you with a pic of your new Union Affairs officer.

19:57 Just met the new Gryphon editor. He says “Keep doing what you’re doing”. Starstruck.

19:53 Taylor Swift is on in Terrace, I’m slightly tipsy. What an evening. Hope you enjoyed it.

These guys did

19:49 Second-year Henry Davies: “Toke, these girls ain’t got nothing on you”

19:47 So what does this mean for student politics? Alex Clifford says: “I was one of only 301 students on study abroad or year in industry to vote. Poor that.”

19:44 Art Sejdiu’s prediction has come true. The Dane’s victory is a win for liberalism, apparently. We saw him earlier, and he was nervous as shit.

19:42 Toke thanks his campaign team and fellow candidates. His strategy of stamping peoples arms in Terrace clearly a winner. How does he feel? “I’m ok”

19:41 TOKE

19:39 Union Affairs Officer Time

19:38 Just spoken to Liron Velleman, he seemed in positive spirits. “Jonny is an amazing candidate”

19:32 Body language expert Henry Davies: “Piers has the best stage presence of all of them”

19:31 Apparently Piers has to perform in Stage Music Society in half an hour. A busy day.

19:30 Mad scenes. Piers goes mental with his lads. Aron says he didn’t vote for him “because his name is Piers”, whereas Art says it’s “an indicator the old boys club still about. Another white, middle class male voted to a position of power.” #NoTearsForPiers

19:29 Activities officer is Piers Cotee-Jones

19:27 Just been for a tactical wee, there were no candidates crying in the toilets.

19:25 Art on the Activities race: “I’d be shocked if it wasn’t Piers”

19:23 So this happened


19:18 The winner is Jonny Foster


19:14 Community Officer is the next position to be announced. History student Alex Clifford has expressed his annoyance this blog doesn’t refresh automatically. Get over it.

19:12 Politics student Aron Keller decries the advantage of being an incumbent in this campaign. “People just vote for who they already know”

19:10 Am I gonna have time to go for a piss soon?

19:07 Welfare is an 8 horse race…the winner is Freya Govus.

19:02 Political lightweight Art Sejdiu says Melz’s victory has restored his faith in democracy. This is what he looks like

18:58 Melissa Owusu, creator of two incredible campaign vids, is our new education officer. To our great surprise, Back Patt came third.

18:56 The winner is MELZ IS BACK

18:53 Unnamed source: “What is the point of someone being in the exec if they think the union is already fucking perfect?”

18:52 The new education officer is up shortly

18:49 Someone from The Gryph has joined us in Terrace. He’s not happy with The Union. YOU GET MORE COVERAGE FROM THEM THAN WE DO.

18:47 A re-election for current E&D officer Gemma Turner. Art says the result was never in doubt.

18:46 LSR presenter Katie Jackson is here. Shout out to Katie.

18:45 E&D officer time

18:43 Moving on, here’s a quote from Union Affairs candidate Lauren Edwards – “I feel like I’m about to give birth”

18:41 Current Gryph ed Jazz Anderson has told Ben to “keep on fighting”. Amazing that Ben gave us a shout out after claiming he didn’t think about us during the leadership debates. We love it though.

18:39 He’s pitching this referendum hard. Man, this is awkward. Ben Cook in his interview rails against union censorship. #JeSuisGryphGryph

18:38 Much anger from Ben at the Union’s sidelining of the Gryphon. He mentioned us. OMG. “It’s lovely when you’re big rival is giving you more coverage than your union.”


18:36 Art says: “It’s a sham for democracy that only 2,002 votes were cast”. Ste has joined Ben on stage.

18:34 Total of 2,002 votes cast. Jesus. Gryphon Editor is big Tab fan Ben Cook.

18:32 Politics student Aron Keller puts the much-reduced number of votes in this years Gryphon elections down to “the Russell Brand effect”

18:31 Ooooh, ‘The Gryphon’, right. Well it’s between Ste Topping and Ben Cook. Terrace bar-propper Henry Davies says: “I’ve just realised I don’t care at all about this.”

18:29 They’re announcing something to do with a Griffin soon?

18:28 Shout out to LSTV head of tech Jonny McGuigan.

18:27 LSR are throwing their weight around. Get on with it.

18:26 LabourSoc bigwig Josh Molloy says he expects a “strong showing” from the candidates Labour have endorsed.

18:25 Here we go, right?

18:23 Someone is here to tell us we had a legit election.

18:21 There’s a video of all the campaign videos being played. It’s so cute, but we already decided what the best ones were

18:19 The stream has frozen. This is a metaphor for something.

18:17 WOW, it’s busy in the Union Foyer. Thank god we’re in Terrace.

18:14 The live feed in Terrace is ‘experiencing technical difficulties’. Thanks, Obama.

18:11 It’s come to our attention that whilst Gryph-Gryph are covering this from the Union foyer, we’re in Terrace. Because we’re cool.

18:10 We have lift off – almost – The Terrace screen now has a picture.

18:07 Art’s big prediction – Toke to win Union Affairs. “The cute, liberal Dane has perfected the cult of personality. He’s the Tony Blair to Bradley Escorcio’s John Major”

18:05 He won’t shut up: “The frontrunners for Welfare are #Go4Govus and #Cray4Craven who have both effectively used the number four in their campaigns”

18:04 “A victory for Liron would mean video has triumphed as the number one propaganda tool in student elections. A Foster the People victory would be a win for the traditional slogan”. Art is laying down massive, massive opinions.

18:03 Breaking news: ‘No source found’ on Terrace big screen

18:02 ART PREDICTS: “Community is a two horse race between Liron and Foster the People”

18:00 ART PREDICTS: “The Gryphon editor race will be the closest of all of them, but Ste’s promise of pizza could put him on top”

17:57 Breaking News: Political student and Boozenight colossus Art is buying a round of drinks.

17:52 Melissa Owusu, who is in love with the union so much she literally has ‘SU’ in her name has told us she’s never been this nervous in her life. Awww.

17:50 Ten minutes until this show kicks off, and I’m joined by The Tab’s political expert Art Sejdiu who will be giving us his analysis as things progress.

We’ve spoken to Anna Craven, who is running for welfare, she said: “Whatever happens happens”. Never a truer word spoken.

Welcome to live coverage of the #leadluu elections. We’ll have all the reaction from the biggest election to hit Britain this year. Who will our new union affairs officer be? Will the music be awful? Did you know that apparently The Gryphon have an election on too?