Headingley in the top urban places to live in the UK

Hyde Park didn’t quite make the cut

If you’ve made the mistake of signing a house in far away land of Headingley for second year, fear not, it’s not all bad.

You might complain about the walk to uni and that you have to get a taxi to house parties all the time, but Headingley is officially one of the best places to live in the country.

A survey in the Sunday Times named Headingley 24th, in the “Top 50 urban places to live in the UK”.

The Leeds suburb featured alongside the likes of Bath, Oxford, Exeter and Durham.

The list takes into account entertainment, nightlife and restaurants, combining these factors with transport links and education in the area.

Infamous for its glorious cricket ground and overrun by edgy independent stores, Headingley is a very popular location for those who like long, cold walks to lectures.

It also has a cereal cafe and is the home of the Otley Run.

Headingley resident Elie Kraft said “I think it’s popular because all the arty students like to think they’re better than the ones in Hyde Park.

“The only real difference is that we snort our MD through twenties instead of tens.”

Ellie conceded: “The distance to uni is annoying. If I walked there and back it would take an hour, which is actually the recommended amount of daily exercise you should be getting.

“The best thing about living in Headingley is probably the kooky vegetarian and natural food shops. This is also the worst thing, depending on your perspective”

Medical Student Allison Winarski said: “I don’t really know why Headingley is in that list, but I guess Love Rouge is pretty nice”.