Lib Dem society resurrected

They’ve obviously had a surge in popularity

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In an extremely optimistic attempt to recruit new members before the General Election, Leeds Liberal Youth is now an official society.

Earlier this week the society was resurrected after the original Liberal Democrats society collapsed two years ago, because leadership positions were not passed on to lower years.

The Lib Dems, having another go in the big league, join the LUU Greens, Conservative Future and Leeds Labour Students.

Suggestions of the new society being a small, unacknowledged, voiceless branch of the Tory society were met with cynicism.

Well, it is until the Tories tell them they’re not

Media and communications officer Ryan Cairns said: “We have just recently been voted unanimously as an official society of Leeds University following a long period of campaigning and application.

“Many people like to say the Lib Dems are politically moribund in students eyes… but Liberal Youth continues to defy that with strong and active groups of students working hard.”

He described their following as “small but passionate”, and said he hoped the new society status would be a “high profile recruitment drive”.

Everyone knows size doesn’t matter, except when it comes to politics, when in fact size really does matter.

The Leeds Liberal Youth were also very keen to emphasise they are not just a political society and they have a range of socials.

They encourage anyone interested in Politics to look at their Facebook page.

The society was not so accepted by all students however, with fourth year medic Michael Grant saying: “Leeds Liberal Youth sounds like the world’s shittest band.”

Historian Thomas Hemsley added: “The creation of the Leeds Liberal Democrats Youth Society is going to be the high point of the Lib Dems achievements this year.”