Ed Miliband promises to slash your tuition fees to £6k

And raise your maintenance grant by £400

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Prime Minister wannabe Ed Miliband has announced plans to slash tuition fees to £6000 if he gets elected. 

The Labour leader also pledged to increase maintenance grants to £400.

Political tag-team Ed Miliband and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls spoke at the Leeds College of Music today to unveil their plan for young people.

Speaking today Miliband appeared smooth as he denounced Nick Clegg’s failure to scrap tuition fees, calling it “one of the most expensive broken promises in the history of British politics”.

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The new policy, which he plans to implement in September 2016, would see current freshers paying £3000 less in their final year of uni.

Ed Balls jokingly apologised to say Labour wouldn’t be able to pay back students who are already paying the £9000 fees — so if you’re a second year or finalist you’ll be paying full whack until you graduate.

Oxford grad Ed Miliband also revealed plans to lower the voting age to 16 to boost engagement in politics.

A wise-cracking Miliband promised he would never “do a Nick Clegg” and break his tuition fee pledge.

When an audience member asked if he’d keep his word even in a coalition with another party, Ed replied: “Yes, yes, yes”.

He added: “Let me say to Britain’s young people: I made you a promise on tuition fees.

“I will keep my promise. I don’t simply want to build your faith in Labour, I want to restore your faith that change can be believed. I owe it to you. We owe it to our country.”

Basking in applause from a hardy band of Labour students, he said: “What has happened over the last five years is more than just a betrayal of a promise.

“It is a betrayal of an entire generation: a betrayal from their first steps to the time they stride into the world of work; a betrayal from nursery to school, college to university; a betrayal of the chance of a job and the hope of a home. And even of their ability to vote.

“It is not just bad for young people themselves. It is a disaster for Britain – because a country where the next generation is doing worse is a country in decline.”

But Ed didn’t have all the answers when it came to postgrad fees and the Disabled Students’ Allowance, saying: “I’m not going to make a false promise today but it’s something we’re really going to look at.”