Guantanamo sex doll adorns Parkinson Building

It’s the second sex doll incident this year

An inflatable sex-doll dressed as a Guantanamo bay detainee is hanging from the Parkinson building.

Leeds’ Amnesty International society placed the object there this lunchtime in support of the ‘Free Shaker Aamer’ campaign.

They also had a banner reading “Free Shaker. Close Guantamo” but a chilly Leeds wind meant it only hung for a few seconds.

As their flyer (below) would suggest, the Amnesty International society have further plans to demonstrate their support of Shaker Aamer – a detainee of Guantanamo bay and a British resident.

For the less informed, Shaker Aamer is a Saudi citizen that has been a resident of the UK since marrying his British wife in 1996.

He was captured in Afghanistan in 2001 by an Afghan militia while working for a charity, before being ransomed off to the United States. He has been in Guantanamo Bay since Valentines Day 2002.

Amnesty’s interest in Shaker spurs from the fact that he is the last British resident still being held at is the lowest-rated accommodation on Tripadvisor Cuba. All other British citizens and residents were released on or before February 2009.

Eyewitness and History student David Cowlishaw said: “I don’t think the chap was very comfortable up there, but I guess that’s the point.

“Fair play to Amnesty though, it was a really chilly day to be on top of the Parkinson.”

For the sake of the lonely university security guards that have to cut down this display, let’s hope the next elusive event includes more sex dolls.