We played ‘would you rather’ on campus

It’s important that we know

In case you were wondering how twisted your peers were…

Would you rather streak through Terrace or do a strip tease in the Hidden Café?

Odds on him doing a helicopter?

Politics First Year Sam says he would love to do a strip tease in Hidden Café.

“I think it would go down quite well- it’s a bit edgy in there and a strip tease is an edgy thing to do”.

Would you rather go to Pryzm on a Wednesday in a full Leeds Gryphons’ tracksuit or Fruity in a Leeds Beckett hoodie?

Biology fresher Will was controversial with his answer, choosing to don a Met hoodie at Fruity. His reason was even more baffling – “it would be a big sesh.”

No, dear Will, it would be a big mess.

Would you rather have sex in Eddy B or the Brotherton?

Sex in der brotherton ?

German International Student Hannah chose Brotherton because “it looks nicer”.

It may look nice, but an unnamed Casanova told us that Eddy B would be his shag-pad of choice as it’s easier to go undiscovered.

Would you rather be a shot girl at Chilli Whites or a bouncer at Warehouse?

Geology fresher Laura told us of her hatred for Warehouse, which didn’t fall on sympathetic ears. #WarehouseFTW.

Would you rather be picked up at the Edge or on level flirteen?

Wants an intellectual – check the book

We had to explain the romantic promise of level flirteen to first year International Development student Abby.

Once understood, she saw the light straight away and would love to be picked up in Eddy B. Abby said: “I’d want an intellectual guy”

Would you rather walk down the LRFS catwalk naked or be banned from Fruity for life?

Theatre and Performance second year Christy thinks Fruity is “shit”. How selfish. Think of all the money a naked strut would earn for charity.

Would you rather be snapped at Cirque gurning or get stunner of the week at Warehouse but with your nipple making a bid for freedom?

Chloe, who is also a Theatre second year would rather appear on rate my gurn than support #freethenipple. She initially chose Cirque to maintain some dignity.

Would you rather lick the floor at Zulfi’s or walk through Hyde Park alone at night?

A man on the Edge

Well either way you’re probably going to die. Sam, a third year reading Environmental Biology opted for both.

He liked the adrenaline of a late night stroll but also wouldn’t pass up free chicken off Zulfi’s floor either. Whatta dare devil.