Tab blind date: Henry and Alice

Like Tinder but it’s real life

Valentines Day looms near and for many of us that usually means only one thing: nobody loves you and you’ll probably be alone forever.

On a more optimistic note, the Tab is pairing up Leeds University’s most eligible young singles as part of a brand new Blind Date series.

This week we caught up with Henry and Alice, who dined at Get Baked: The Joint, to find out whether love is truly blind.

Henry is in second year studying International Development. He hates clichés and always follows his heart.

First impressions?
She seemed easy going, up for a laugh and fairly relaxed, so everything I hate in a date. The first few minutes were full of smiles and jokes; a sense of relief washed over us as the soul-crushing anticipation of first contact was finally over.

Did you have any expectations going in to this?
I tried not to have any expectations, but I did briefly wonder if The Tab were playing a joke and setting me up with an OAP.

I was faintly hoping for someone to have some humorous chat with and fill the deep void in my tortured heart. I think both were accomplished.

What was she like?
A cosy balance of spontaneity and intelligence, openness and modest confidence, to quote her directly we had “good rapport”.

She also complimented my jumper and hair so I regret not proposing on the bus home.

How was the conversation?                                                                           We had a fair amount in common, from the musicians we loved (Hendrix), number of gap years we’d taken (two), even a vitamin D deficiency. The convo flowed quite naturally and got pretty deep at one point where we talked about aliens.

Were there any awkward moments?
The chunder scene from Team America came on the screens whilst we were eating, that could have been better.

Later we made a paper aeroplane with a happy birthday message on it and were going to throw it down to a table having b-day celebrations.

Describe your date in 3 words.
Love or confusion.

Would you introduce her to your family?
To my dogs. Not to my parents. Not a reflection on her.

Numbers exchanged?

Rate your date out of 10.

Would you meet again?
I would, I really want to play one of her guitars that she mentioned.

Alice is in second year studying Music. She is taking lute lessons so she ‘can pretend to be one of Robin Hood’s merry men.’

First impressions?
He was charming from the start and took my lame jokes (who could resist with cocktails named miso horny?) in his stride well. Also had an immediate urge to steal his jacket, the guy was looking on point.

Did you have any expectations going in to this?
I had an underlying fear it would be someone I’d already been on an awful date with, so more relief then nerves when I didn’t recognise him.

I was looking to meet an interesting, funny guy who was capable of holding a conversation that wasn’t so awkward id have to leave. (Although I did have several friends waiting to call me with various emergency situations to aid my escape if necessary.)

What was he like?
Dazzling charm and wit in equal measure. If I’m honest I was a little intimidated by how funny he was – be careful what you wish for. His musings on aliens and the universe definitely got me thinking.

I loved that he wore a galaxy jumper so he had an external image to reference, he must be raking in the firsts on his degree.

How was the conversation?
The conversation was easy from the start, its always exciting to meet someone you have loads in common with.

Were there any awkward moments?
I definitely could have done without a few of the cheesy puns I tried to drop in. But come on, with two guitarists on a date how can you not mention ‘fingering the G string’?

There was also the moment I came back from the loo and was told we’d been asked to talk about hard coresex, a conversation id much rather save for later.

Describe your date in 3 words.
Foxy lady plus one (technically that’s four but we’ll allow it).

Would you introduce him to your family?
I would, I even made the bold claim that my parents are ‘cool’. Four cocktails make you say strange things.

Numbers exchanged?

Rate your date out of 10.
7 ½., but only because we weren’t allowed to throw the paper aeroplane.

Would you meet again?
Definitely, although I’m pretty sure he’s only in for the guitars…