Leeds student has leg amputated after being hit by a cab

The driver was jailed for two years

A Leeds student has had to undergo a leg amputation after being hit by a speeding taxi driver at a pedestrian crossing.

Corrinna Osbourne, who was 18 and studying for her A-levels at the time, has been left wheelchair-bound after her right leg has had to be amputated below the knee.

The incident also left her with facial disfigurements.

In a statement read out on behalf of Leeds Crown Court Corrinna said: “I feel since the accident my life is now over and I will be unable to do what I wanted to do, which makes me feel like I am a burden and worthless and useless to society.”

The taxi driver, Mahboob Hussein, hit Osbourne at the crossing on Dewsbury Road just outside the city centre when trying to beat the lights.

After the accident Hussein drove off, leaving the student on the floor. He then drove directly to taxi office to admit responsibility and call 999 before returning to the scene.

A pedestrian witness has described seeing Osbourne being thrown nine metres along the road after hearing an “almighty bang”. He also saw Hussein’s Skoda speeding before approaching the junction.

An accident investigator has explained that if Hussein was driving within the 30mph speed limit he would have had an extra 10 seconds to react.

The taxi driver pleaded guilty to causing serious injury from dangerous driving and failing to stop after the accident. He has been jailed for two years and been banned from driving for seven.

Corrinna, now 20, has said she is satisfied with the sentence and now looks forward to rebuilding her life.