LUU made a £42k loss last year

The union building plans look lush though

Leeds University Union have revealed they were £41,900 in the red last year.

At their Annual General Meeting, Union officers said they thought their finances were on track, having made a loss of nearly £230,000 the previous the previous financial year.

The biggest drain on resources were the Union’s venues, which made a loss of over £390,000.


There was a party mood at the AGM, as they celebrated the positive changes they’d made with confetti cannons.

Shops cost the union over £175,000, with bars making a loss of nearly £100,000.

Further plans for improvements to the union building were also revealed at the AGM.

In a glitzy video, LUU promised us “a dramatic new entrance point” and “Blended Cafe service integrating the hidden cafe”.

Union Affairs officer Bradley Escorcio said: “Each year we try and be as transparent as possible when representing our financial performance.

Financial controller Chris Martin added: “I feel we’ve done much better this year decreasing the deficit to £42,000.

“For budget this year we’re targeting a small surplus of £40,000”

Some were concerned with the Union’s balance sheets though.

English third-year Bob Palmer said: “I was shocked by how much money the venues appear to be losing, I think it must be down to all those foam fingers they give out at Fruity.”

Foam fingers, and of course, confetti cannons.