Meet Leeds Uni’s Pointless champion who nearly scooped the big prize

So close


Brainy Rhys Williamson was agonisingly close to scooping a two grand jackpot on Friday’s episode of Pointless.

The third-year blitzed through the competition to bag a Pointless trophy, along with Leeds Beckett student Jake Donaldson.

Budding screenwriter Rhys says the big prize may have been his had he not been attempting to pull at a Ms. Dynamite gig.

Knowledge of US States, famous Williams, Pope Francis and former football league sides saw them sail through to the final.

Unfortunately, their inability to recall obscure UK garage singles prevented them from walking away with the full £2,250.

English and Philosophy student Rhys ended up singing “Miss Dynamite-tee-hee” to a bemused Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman as he racked his brain for a potential pointless answer.

They were unable to find the elusive Ms. Dynamite, Streets and Craig David singles.

Rhys said: “The annoying thing was, I’d seen Ms. Dynamite live, and she was really good, but I think I was too busy trying to get with someone to pay attention.”

The pair had to make do with the iconic trophy from the nation’s favourite teatime quiz show.

He said: “What was really annoying it was my birthday the very next day, so that money could have come in useful.

“Me and my family went to a pub to celebrate, and I ended up winning £10 on the Pointless game on the quiz machine.

“I made more money in the pub than I did winning a game show.”

Rhys and Jake did end up entering the Pointless history books. Their scores in the first two rounds were exactly the same, the first time that had ever happened in the history of the show.

They also got to meet the famous man with the laptop, Richard Osman, who Rhys, now on a year abroad in Munich, described “as really fucking huge”.

The occasional stand-up comedians had to audition in Sheffield before they could grace the small screen.

“They screen you to make sure you’re not going to be rubbish in front of camera. I think they liked the fact we were both involved in stand-up comedy. We bantered our way in.”

Their charming approach to the show definitely left an impression on the viewing public.

They departed without the cash, but housewives’ favourite Richard described them as “very lovely fellows”.

Some of the Pointless answers they missed were Neva Soft, Put Him Out, What’s your flava?, and Could Well Be In.

Well done if you got any of those at home.