Clucking hell: Leeds Uni boy throws live chicken through Maccies window

The RSPCA suspect fowl play


UPDATE: There is a video.

Plucky Jack Walker said he “never hurt” two chickens that he threw into two McDonald’s restaurants in the North East.

The RSPCA are investigating an incident in which the 21-year old lobbed the animal he’d found through two drive-through windows in Teesside.

Jack, who studies Business at Leeds Uni, attracted attention earlier this week after a video of his fowl play was posted online.

He insists he never meant any harm to befall his feathered friends.

He said: “It was just a prank really. Anyone who knows me knows that I do stupid things like this.

“But I never hurt the chickens. I fed them and I knew how to handle them as my mum has chickens.”

Jack and his friends had found two chickens wandering around in the Thornaby area, before unleashing them on shell-shocked McDonalds staff.

His first target was the Portrack McDonalds.

“We went through the drive-through and ordered our food. Then went to the next counter and paid.

“Then as we drove up to the next counter we just thought it would be funny to throw the chicken.

“We then drove off. We didn’t even get our food.”

Jack then claims he and his friends “drove around a bit” before going to another McDonald’s at Wolviston services.

He said: “We just thought it was pretty funny what we did, so we did the same at the other McDonald’s.

“I thought it would get a few likes on Facebook and people would think it was daft but that was it. I didn’t think it would blow off like it has. I didn’t really think anything would happen.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We can confirm incidences took place at our Portrack and Wolviston restaurants on Monday evening around 6pm. The RSPCA are investigating further.”