I live in the city centre and it’s better than everywhere else

You probably live in Hyde Park you mug

The traditional post-first year question has always been: Hyde Park or Headingley? There is an all-too often overlooked third option though, and we’re moving there in droves.

A recent Leeds City Council meeting last week heard that there has been a migration of students to the City Centre, causing a surplus of over 5,000 flats in the Hyde Park and Headingley areas.

So what has the City Centre of Leeds got to offer students and why choose to live there?

For starters, not only are you in the heart of where everything is going on but you’re also on the doorstep of uni. That means you literally can wake up 5 minutes before that lecture and providing you don’t mind turning up in a onesie you’re good to go.

So while all your friends in Hyde Park have to leave their houses a good half hour before arriving for their seminar you can be getting some much needed extra sleep.

How many times have you walked round Eddy B and struggled to find a desk? Exam times are notorious for people over stressing and spending hours upon hours sitting in the damp, dark building that is the library.

But live in the centre of Leeds and your house is only a few minutes from campus, so who needs to fight for some desk space in the library? You can happily stroll home, relax, even do your work in bed.

And look at those sights


Who needs to worry about calling for a taxi when you live only a short walk from that club anyway?

The advantage of being so close to town is that you can literally stagger out of that club and be back at home in next to no time, without the need for drunkenly calling a taxi and worrying about throwing up in the back of your Uber. Not even giving them five stars would rescue you then.

City-centre dwellers also have the best places to host pre-drinks. People like the option of not having to travel far and if your house is only a stone’s throw from the club then you can guarantee you’ll be at the top of everyone’s list. Instant popularity boost.

Yes, the prices in the city are a little bit higher than those in Headingly and Hyde Park. Just remember you’re paying for convenience. Your rent might be nearer £130 a week but think about what you’re getting in with that.

Your house, your bills (electricity, heating and water), internet, insurance and sometimes other added bonus’ too such as gym membership. The cost of not having to pay for public transport can save you a bit of cash in the long run as well.

That’s not even taking into consideration that you won’t have the added expense of having to buy lunch from the union everyday as you’re more than able to take a quick walk home and can use up what’s in your fridge.

So embrace the alleged “mass exodus” of Leeds 59,000 students to the city centre – you’ll probably like it better there anyway.