Space-age style: Were you spotted at Good Life?

Wavy like gravy

Good Life returned to Leeds for another one of their sell-out shindigs.

The theme: A Night In Outer Space. The venue: Canal Mills.

We stopped by to see how all you edgy lot styled it out in a mixture of American Apparel and Blue Rinse.

Cue the glitter, chokers and Adidas Originals.

Were you spotted?

Annay Hay, Medicine at Leeds Uni

Anna nailed it with her metallic must-have skirt and gold sparkly top.

Raph Marshal-Neaf, Sustainability at Leeds Uni

Did he even dress up?

Rachel, History of Art at Leeds Uni

Outfit inspiration? The Spice Girls ‘Say You’ll be There’ video

Ben Wright, Architecture at Leeds Beckett

Nothing says ‘I’m here and ready to rave’ more than an orange zip up neck high jumpsuit.

Erika Leadbetter

A jacket made from the skin of 100 baby Furbys and a matching glowstick choker. So on trend it hurts.

Flo Carruthers, Music at Leeds College of Music

New balance? Check. Vintage bomber? Check. Scrunchie? Check. Hot to trot- you go girl.

Dan Finley, New Media at Leeds Uni

If the Stig went out on a mad one.