PRYZM hits back in war over Quids In brand

Lend us a quid

Like a game of tennis, the Quids In rally continues. After Aaron Mellor (Owner of Tokyo Industries / Halo) falsely accused PRYZM of selling drinks at the popular Quids In for considerably higher than £1, PRYZM have hit back.

Rob Green, general manager of PRYZM, said: “I can easily confirm that Monday’s drinks start and remain at £1 from doors opening to closing. This includes Vodka, VK and Jung Bombs.”

PRYZM’s spokesperson went on to say: “Halo closing is a very sad sight to see and Quids In is obviously a night that needed a new home for it’s thousands of fans. Any promoter from any city from any club will tell you that the most important element in creating the experience on the night is the DJ.

“With all three original [QI] DJs at PRYZM, we feel it’s obvious that you won’t be able to get the trademark crowdsurfing and on-top-of-the-dj-booth-underwear-clad YMCA’ing anywhere else.”

After the tit-for-tat playground fight continued, the now Stonegate Pubs employed Quids In founder and Leeds promo godfather Matt Lowe has chipped in.

Matt said: “The facts are that Quids In is about the DJs, the music and the unique vibe of the night.

“This is what Pryzm have created over the last 2 weeks, and although some other promoters may try and lay claim to it, if you want a true Quids In experience, Pryzm is the only venue you should be interested in and the video clearly proves it.”