We went to Get Baked’s launch of The Joint and asked everyone what they thought

One of the meals is called ‘The Full Girlfriend Experience’

In the biggest global event since Afroman’s ‘positive’ remix of his own chart smasher ‘Because I Got High’, Get Baked well and truly lit up the competition in a puff of bacon fries smoke and blazed their way into food nirvana with a round-the-block queue an hour before opening.

From the former Leeds Uni storage room to club RnB side room to now uber-cool hangout, the only negative aspect of Get Baked’s new venture is the volume of their background music.

We spoke to a few patrons to see what they thought of the new venture.

Abs Settipalli, fourth year Dentist

As a long time Get Baked fan, I was extremely disappointed when I tucked into their first restaurant offering. Unfortunately, I was so excited to eat that I started too eagerly and accidentally inhaled some beef.

After regaining my heartbeat and consciousness, the ‘Frankfurt Experience’ reminded me of the need for a cheat meal.

Gone are the days of posh restaurants with waiters walking around like they’ve been shafted up the arse with a traffic cone the wrong way round. All the staff have those often forgotten aspects of waiting: smiles, a sense of humour and friendly conversation.

I only move away from my diet for one meal a week. After Friday, Team GB will now be my go-to destination each and every single time without a shadow of a doubt.

Kiran Morjaria, third year Medic

Get Baked: The Joint is the epitome of student life in Leeds; busy, fun and edgy as fuck.

It wasn’t surprising that the place was packed, because the launch had over 2.8k people ‘attending’ on Facebook and Get Baked has a huge following as a business.

One of the best aspects of The Joint was how clearly the staff had been hand picked for the job – they were all easy going, chilled out, friendly people who reflected the restaurant perfectly.

It’s an interesting twist on the classic American Diner, and with prime location, entertaining employees and proper big, greasy food, I’m definitely going to Get Baked again soon.

Elle Canham, Second year History 

The long awaited opening of Get Baked did not disappoint. Although it meant sacrificing my favorite church-based night out to make room for it, the restaurant is just one of those places that got it so so right.

The décor is Belgrave meets Trinity kitchen. The music is Sticky Feet meets Hifi. The food was, of course, wonderful – my favorite was The Full Girlfriend Experience. But the real thing to watch out for, were the drinks.

I hadn’t heard of any of the cocktails before or most of the ingredients in them but it didn’t matter. If my drink has a gumball at the bottom or is served in a Pick ‘n’ Mix bag then I’m all over it.

Get down there now, if anything else, it’s one of those places you’ll just have to Instagram.

David Cowlishaw, Third year History 

With Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendrix and Blackalicious being pumped out before the food had even arrived, I knew The Joint wouldn’t disappoint.

I don’t want to suck up to the Get Baked guys too much, but the place seemed to be effortlessly cool – despite the obvious hard work that had gone into the opening night.

The service was excellent on what must have been a hectic night for the staff.

Crucially though, the food and drink was sublime and that will be the main reason why I’m sure The Joint makes a load of money from students in the coming years.

Fuck Cher Lloyd.