A guy was attacked outside Revs because angry locals thought he was a power ranger

The red one

A rugby player suffered a broken jaw when he was being attacked by a man who thought he was a power ranger.

Andy Mulligan, 24, was wearing a red Christmas onesie when he was brutally
punched in mistake for one of the children’s TV characters.

The attacker was involved in a scuffle with another man inside a different bar
earlier who was dressed as a member of the show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Andy said: “I’d never seen the guy before. It was totally unprovoked. He needs
locking up.

“I’ve got a friend who knows someone who was knocked out in similar
circumstances and they died as a result.”

Andy, who works in Asda’s head office, had been drinking with his rugby team
when he was unexpectedly attacked outside the Revolution bar in Leeds.

Andy, also a Leeds local, said: “I think he might have shouted Oi!’ but the next
thing I knew I’d turned round and he’d smacked me in the face and knocked me out.

“Apparently he was half way down the street before I hit the ground.”

Andy didn’t go to hospital until the day after attack where doctors told him his jaw was broken.

He was only able to eat soft foods for a number of weeks.

The fact that I wasn’t more seriously injured is down to luck more than
anything,” he said.

Police are appealing for information about the incident, which occurred on on
December 18.

Detective Constable Kate Hutton: “We believe this was a completely unprovoked attack where it appears he was mistaken for someone the suspect had been involved in scuffle with earlier on the dance floor.”