Halo closure sparks Quids In confusion

We love them both equally

Halo’s closure has led to a heated battle for Quids In between Control and PRYZM.

Confusion has gripped Leeds as both venues are now claiming to host the cheap and cheerful Monday night.

The Founder of Quids In says it’s at PRYZM, but the former manager of Halo claims that it’s Control who are hosting the student favourite.

Halo goodbye?

Following the news that seminal club Halo had shut its doors for the final time, their Facebook page announced that Quids In would be finding a new home at Control.

Meanwhile PRYZM opened its doors last night for the second week of…Quids In.

The announcement of Quids In’s move to Control claimed it was “the only official Monday night Quids In party in Leeds”, and warned revellers not to accept “any imitations or copy cat nights”.

This sparked PRYZM to post on their own page: “We would rather concentrate our efforts on offering an incredible night out than try to con people with underwhelming announcements and ‘acquired’ facebook page!”

Ooh, that’s a dig


Control claim their Quids In night is the ‘official’ night out because it is presented by Halo Nightclub, even though the iconic church building on Woodhouse Lane has closed forever.

But PRYZM’s night features the same staff and DJs that had been at Halo before the closure, so they claim their night is the true Quids In.

The Control announcement sparked this furious act of defiance from a promoter.

A Halo spokesperson and former manager told The Tab: “We are 100% running the official ‘Quids In’ night at Control from next Monday.”

“Halo’s closure came around following plans to fully redevelop the site into something really special for September 2015 – the first phase of this of course being Get Baked Presents ‘The Joint’ – which officially opens on this Friday.

“The Official ‘Quids In’ night has been moved to Control with full talent and £1 drinks all night long, the ‘Copy Cat’ night at PRYZM is nothing at all to do with Halo”

Missing you already

But The Tab managed to track down the original founder of this controversial night from roughly five years ago: the much revered Matt Lowe.

He said: “Quids In was created 5 years ago in Halo. It’s an experience, not just a name. It took years to perfect the brand with the right DJs, music policy and vibe. This is what we’ve taken to PRYZM. This is Quids In”.

We won’t say which is better, but the PRYZM DJ has a great taste in T-Shirts

PRYZM general manager Rob Green said: “I have operated venues for over 15 years but Quids in is something else, the atmosphere was incredible, I have never seen students so up for a party.

“‘Quids In’ has been at PRYZM for two weeks now with the exact same DJs (Andy More, Manny Brown and Abs), promotional team & party ethos.

“Confusion has arisen this last few days when Control claimed to be another ‘home’ for the Monday night event. In my opinion we have the full entertainments package that halo had and anything else is a poor attempt to replicate the night.”

Whoever has the ‘official’ night, Mondays in Leeds have just got even cheaper.