Now the Union are giving us free fruit

Fridays have just got even fruitier

Generous LUU will be giving out free fruit to anyone who spends money in Essentials.

On Fridays, a free apple, banana or pear could be yours in yet another display of gold-hearted kindness from the Union.

In a very a-peeling move, a delicious snack is also available when you buy a wrap or salad from Salad Box.

The real venue for Fruity Fridays

The real venue for Fruity Fridays

This promotion isn’t the apple of everyone’s eye though.

Dentistry student Abhinay Settipalli said: “I’m very happy the union are giving us back our nine grand a year one snack at a time.

“However, as a tooth medic, I know that fruit is acidic, which can cause acid erosion.

“Fortunately, salivary flow afterwards can reverse it.”

Leeds students will do well to heed Abhinay’s advice as this latest stunt takes effect.