Now joyless library welcomes noise complaints with pass-agg flyers

Shut your gob

edward boyle library noisy student

Christmas time has been and gone it’s now the season of exams, revising and spending ridiculous amounts of hours staring at books and laptop screens. So it’ll be no surprise if the library has become your second home for the next few weeks.

But be warned if you’re thinking of visiting Eddy B and increasing your decibels.

Across the library there are a number of notes offering to ‘help’ students who are finding it too noisy. By simply texting ‘NOISE’ and your exact location a member of staff will be with you ASAP to sort the student so rudely disturbing your peace.

Just make sure you don’t make a noise when you text that message!

One student who noticed the flyer while studying in the Edward Boyle Library described it as “Taking passive-aggressive to a new level”.

Final year English student Bobby Palmer said: “If you don’t have the fortitude to tell someone to be quiet in a library then you deserve your work to be disturbed.”