Are these unis better for nights out than Leeds?

A survey says Bristol is better than us, time to pretend we’re not bothered

A survey from ‘Which?’ has put Leeds among the best unis in the country for nightlife.

We’re not number one though.

The University of Leeds came 9th in the poll of over 12,000 students, with Leeds Beckett 13th.

Leeds was just behind Bristol in the rankings, with LSE beating Manchster to the crown of the best diverse night life in the country.

Not as much fun as Bristol

Other unis in the top ten were Liverpool John Moores, Glasgow Caledonian, Strathclyde, Northumbria and Liverpool.

The survey also said Leeds was the best in the country for Union Activities, citing ‘Give-it-a-go’ schemes as a major plus point.

We also scored relatively high for sport and political activity, but we were “average” for creativity.

Outraged third-year medic Kiran Morjaria says: “The nightlife in Leeds is second to none, and the fact that we’re 9th, behind Bristol, is outrageous.

“Whoever contributed to these rankings clearly hasn’t been out in Leeds.

“This is no doubt interesting reading for bored sixth formers, the only people who might actually believe this kind of shit.”