Who’s this week’s BPOC entrant?

This hamster is cooler than you

BPOC leeds Pet

We all know the next best thing to being a BNOC yourself is being the proud owner of a Big Pet on Campus

This week meet entrant number three… Peanut the adorable Syrian Hamster living in Hyde Park.

If I hide maybe they won’t see me

Name: Peanut

Age: 10 weeks young

Sex: Yes please. (Sorry)

Breed: Syrian Hamster

Wearing this out to Warehouse

Likes: Bulking Season, the Tab, trips to H’amsterdam’, Sharking at Warehouse Wednesdays, Big Booty Bitches.

Dislikes: Falling asleep at the wheel, comedowns, Leeds Beckett Hamsters that don’t know how to piss in only one corner of their cage, when Boss Burgers run out of sweet potato fries.

The right side is my good side

Relationship Status: Waiting for a miracle.

Celebrity Crush: Difficult to choose between Maisy Mouse and Dedenne (from Pokemon).

I can do a better pout than you

Peanut the hamster is owned by International Relations student Flo Henry. They live together in Peanut’s luxury apartment complex in Hyde Park.

Does your animal have what it takes to become The Tab’s Student Pet of the Week?

Send your photos and details about your pet to [email protected]