‘Real life GTA’ as armed jewellery heist gang terrorise motorists with carjackings

The shocking scenes took place on Kirkstall Road

Armed robbers terrorised commuters on a main road in Leeds today with a series of car-jackings.

The gang of men, wearing balaclavas and heavily armed (including an axe and an iron bar) threatened motorists on Kirkstall Road at the junction with Kirkstall Lane, shortly after 9am today.

Shocked onlookers compared the scenes to Grand Theft Auto.

The criminals are the same gang who escaped empty handed following an attempted jewellery heist in Harrogate.

The gang smashed their way into A Fattorini jewellers on Parliament Street at about 8.35AM, but the robbery was foiled when a member of staff raised the alarm.

The gang hijacked a series of vehicles today, abandoning them and finally dragging a man out of a Corsa before escaping.

Police are appealing for any information on the carjackings or jewellery heist. Anyone with info is advised to contact North Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.