Is this new advert for Leeds Beckett the worst thing you’ve ever seen?

The answer is yes

These people don’t seem to want to let up, do they?

After a long anticipated wait, hundreds of man hours and one of the largest communications agencies in the UK, Leeds Poly,  Leeds Metropolitan Leeds Beckett – have come up with… this.

But what does our estranged cousin really and truly hope to achieve with such a campaign?

Beckett student, court, make your own fucking joke

I mean, I’m not one to judge or be cynical or anything (the chancery wigs at 0:24 are on point, by the way) but I’m not sure how Leeds Beckett expects to “be ahead of the game” if they go about using our students for their ad campaigns (like they did here).

I’ve read this one. Lots of pictures, which is nice.

Unless, of course, they realised that they couldn’t use their own students to attract more people to their university – in which case the evil mastermind in charge of that ad is undoubtedly many steps ahead of us all.

Though I have no idea where they got half the people for this ad (and I’ve learned to assume nothing as far as Leeds Beckett’s ad campaigns go) I do know for a fact that deciding to put your face in a TV ad campaign is certainly “bold”.

However, it takes a new level of temerity to go into an operating theatre equipped with nothing but a torch.

Never over-do it at Pryzm, or this will happen

And who are the band at 0:32 trying to fool? The guy in charge of the filters should have turned those sliders right the way down.

It was nice to see the Leeds Beckett University hoodie feature, if only to remind future Becketters that there is indeed a dress code.

We do lectures in sports halls because we’re edgy

Whilst I have no doubt the people behind this worked very hard (it’s difficult to produce a video like this in the middle of your GCSE’s) – they’ll realise they spent far too much time and energy on it when they realise they can simply put this on a screen for four minutes: