A definitive ranking of the Otley Run pubs

We got pissed so you don’t have to

A Leeds rite of passage, the Otley Run is a whistle-stop tour some of the city’s finest drinking establishments, and some of its worst.

Always up for a challenge, The Tab did some strenuous research to see which pubs came out on top of the heap…

16: The New Inn

It just smells weird.

15/14: The Arc/The Box

Let’s be honest, sports bars are shit. While you can have a perfectly good time at these two very similar establishments, “sports bar” is code for a few more TV screens and a bit less drinks choice – and they’re more expensive than proper pubs too.

13: The Three Horseshoes

A bit like purgatory, The Three Horseshoes exists in a state of in-betweenness. You’re past the excitement of your first pint but you’re not yet feeling the effects, so all you can do is bolt it down as quick as possible and try and drown out the god-awful karaoke in the corner.

12: The Packhorse

As well as being just a bit too dingey, we find the layout (and some of the regulars) scary. Another one where you try to finish your drink as quickly as possible.

11: The Eldon

The most memorable thing is the inflatable sheep-shaped sex toys they sell in the machines in the toilets. Put it this way, you wouldn’t come here for Sunday lunch.

10/9: Strawberry Fields/The Fenton

We swear we’ve been here on Otley Runs before, but they’re so far down the route that we can’t recall anything about them.

8: The Hyde Park

The very definition of middle-of-the-road. We could tell you that it’s got a good beer selection and ample space but let’s be honest, you’re here every other night of the week anyway.

7: Dry Dock

You’ve made it! Get here, and you’re a) completely smashed, b) an Otley Run champion and c) in a fucking boat.

6: The Library

A far cry from the shithole it used to be, The Library is all-round decent. But let’s be honest, it’s up here for the ease of access to the takeaways across the road.

5: The Terrace

Everyone knows what Terrace is like. As well being relatively cheap, it’s also a last stop before Fruity or Halo for those who don’t quite fancy going the whole way – or bottlers, as some might call them.

4: Skyrack

A solid venue, the Skyrack boasts pool tables where you’ll attempt to play and realise that you’re finally so wasted that you can barely even hold a cue, let alone shoot.

3: The Original Oak

As well as having two bars, the Oak hosts a brilliant beer garden which is perfect on those rare evenings where Leeds is actually quite warm.

Shame that the bouncers can be a bit over-zealous when it comes to fancy dress though.

2: The Headingley Taps

The Taps is maybe the most authentic of all the pubs on the Otley Run. Lively atmosphere, old-fashioned decor and plenty of old drunk locals to talk to make it a surefire winner.

1: Woodies

For pure anticipation, nothing beats Woodies. As well as a well-stocked bar and cracking atmosphere, it’s the first stop on a slippery slope and carries that wonderful sense that anything could happen. The best pint of an Otley Run is always the first.